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La foto de la NASA muestra la distribución de la luz sobre la tierra durante la noche del 27 de noviembre 2000/ Acción Urgente Mail Art
So as the light concentrates over the industrialized countries - leaving the rest of the planet in the darkness - so are wealth, resources and services forbidden for the majority of the world population. THIS IS THE LIGHT OF HUNGER AND DEATH.

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Identität und Globalisierung - [E]Mail Art

From Seattle, Prague or Genoa, to the most remote places of the planet, the scream of the same phenomenon is roaring aloud, the phenomenon with which the new century is beginning, the new millennium: the Global Resistance Movement.

On the one hand, the world rulers, in their eternal planetary chess game, meet periodically to polish and activate their expansionist politics under the orders of the great capital. On the other extreme, the disherited of the earth organize themselves and resist to the application of these plundering politics, which not only attempt against their human existence, but also against their environment and against their different cultures. It is the phenomenon of the globalization and its immediate response, the Global Resistance.

In the same way as the utopic socialism was the response to the industrial revolution of the 19th Century, at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21st the anti-globalization movement confronts the system, which, since the political collapse of the Soviet block, exerts a world hegemony without comparison in the history of humankind: capitalism in its maximum expression.

Never before, a few people had had so much power and control over so many with an immediate consequence: more poverty, more marginalization and more discrimination. In other words, a shameless and systematic dehumanization for the benefit of a commercial and financial dictatorship.

But this immense majority neither resignate nor forget and jumps to resist the globalization and, in its turn, to globalize the resistance. It is a matter of life, since they daily experience the constant plundering of their resources. From the movement The Without Earth in Brazil to the Anti-Transgenic in Europe, a society is demanded, where the values as justice, equality and liberty have priority over the ideas of Wall Street. A society able to limit the power of the multinationals in benefit of the majorities. A society that consolidates the democratization of the institutions and a more equitable distribution, and therefore, a society with more justice.

Although the resistance movements to these neoliberal politics form a varied social and cultural spectrum, due to the very different contexts in which they have their origins, the globalization of their demands obeys to a paradox and new phenomenon: the revolution of the electronic communications and internet.

When we are able to be informed through the net, almost instantaneously, of the mortal drama that has taken place in Genoa, of the pilgrimage of the driven out in Brazil, or of the sad immigration of the Moroccans in Spain, we are being much more than passive witnesses of their causes; something impossible to imagine a few years ago. The promptitude of the information makes the communication dynamic.

Solidarity chains and lists of opinion circle in minutes. Thousands of images and texts inform us in detail on any event, in constant actualization, making us participants. Internet has revolutionized the concept of mass media with a great projection into the daily life of the individuals; we cannot be neutral anymore under the excuse of not knowing or ignorance.

Thanks to internet, massively used by the anti-globalization movements, thousands of people have been able to meet in the summit conferences of the G-8, gaining great importance the intensity of their demonstrations.

It is in this point, where mail artists and net-art workers enter into action. With our sense of solidarity and social justice, we fully support this cause, adding our will and knowledges to the strategies that are involved in this global resistance.

We want to encourage the "social creativity" in response to the brutal attempts of standarizing the public and private conducts, confining them within the limits of the so-called globalization by means of a model of ravenous and plundering life.



Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Hamburgo, Madrid, Montevideo, Puerto Rico, Santiago de Chile, Tarragona, Vigo.
August 2001



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Identität und Globalisierung - [E]Mail Art